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QQTube is a US-based company established in 2013. They offer a range of promotional services for YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other social networks. The company claims to provide fast delivery, low prices, and overall better services than other providers. According to them, they are the #1 YouTube views supplier.

They offer a variety of services for YouTube, including subscribers, shares, likes, and comments. They have partnered with top websites to promote your videos and ensure that you only get high-quality viewers.
QQTube has great customer support.

You can access their FAQ page and support page, which contains their impressive knowledge base. From here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about their services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in their knowledge base, you can create a ticket and a customer support agent will reach out to you through email.

QQTube offers a full suite of promotional services for YouTube, SoundCloud, and other social networks too. They have different types of YouTube views services, such as standard views, high retention views, slow views, and even live stream views. You can get 1,000 standard views for just $2.

The company provides excellent customer support. Not only will they send an acknowledgement email once they’ve received your inquiry, but they will also reply within a reasonable amount of time. Their customer support is professional, helpful, and informative. They answered our questions in great detail. Apart from responsive customer support, they also have a knowledge base and FAQ page.

Pricing & Services

ServiceMininum OrderDescriptionSpeed / 24 hoursPrice (USD) / 1000
TikTok Views – [Instant Start] [500,000+/Day]1000Show500,000+ per day0.10
YouTube Views – [Instant Start] [Speed: 200,000+/Day] [10s+ Retention]1000Show200,000+ per day2.00
Fast YouTube Views – [Instant Start] [Speed: 500,000+/Day] [10s+ Retention]1000Show500,000+ per day2.40
YouTube Views – [Instant Start] [Up to 300,000/Day] [2 Minutes+ Retention]1000ShowUp to 300,000 per day2.80
YouTube Views – [Instant Start] [Speed: 5,000-50,000/Day] [15s+ Retention]1000Show5,000 – 50,000 per day3.00
YouTube Views – [Instant Start] [Speed: 500-3,000/Day] [15s+ Retention]500Show500 – 3,000 per day3.40
GEO Targeted YouTube Views- [Instant Start] [10s+ Retention]1000Show1,000 – 20,000+ per day varies by country targeted3.00
Ad Words YouTube Views — [0-72 Hours Start] [Speed: 150,000-500,000/Day]10000Show150,000 – 500,000 per day after ad placements2.90
YouTube Live Stream Views – [Instant Start]5000Show500-1,000 concurrent viewers3.00
Premiere Waiting Views – [Instant Start]1000Show1,000+ per hour1.00
YouTube Likes – [Instant Start] [100-500+/Day]10Show100-500+ per day32.00
YouTube Subscribers – [0-12h start time] [50 – 100+/Day]20Show50 – 100+ per day44.00
YouTube Subscribers – [0-6h start time] [20 – 50+/Day]50Show20 – 50+ per day40.00
YouTube Shares – [Instant Start] [100,000+/day]50Show100,000+ per day3.60
YouTube Custom Comments – [0-12 Hours Start] [50 – 100/Day]10Show50 – 100 per day80.00
YouTube Custom Comments – [0-12 Hours Start] [100/Day]10Show100 per day660.00
YouTube Real Relevant Comments – [0-12 Hours Start] [100/Day]10Show100 per day660.00
YouTube Comment Likes – [Instant Start] [1,000+/Day]10Show1,000+ per day30.00
DailyMotion Views – [Instant Start] [500,000+/Day]1000Show500,000+ per day0.90
Pinterest Account Followers – [0-24 Hours Start] [100-300/Day]50Show100 – 300 per day12.00
Pinterest Board Followers – [0-24 Hours Start] [100-300/Day]50Show100 – 300 per day12.00
Pinterest Repins – [0-24 Hours Start] [100-300/Day]50Show100 – 300 per day12.00
SoundCloud Plays – [Instant Start] [500,000+/Day]1000Show500,000+ per day0.10
SoundCloud Followers – [0-24 Hours Start] –50Show100-300 per day10.50
SoundCloud Likes – [0-24 Hours Start]50Show100 – 500 per day9.00
SoundCloud Reposts – [0-24 Hours Start]50Show100 – 300 per day10.50
TikTok Followers – [0-12 Hours Start] [50 – 150+/Day]50Show50 – 150+ per day12.00
TikTok Likes – [0-12 Hours Start] [300 – 500+/Day]50Show300 – 500+ per day12.00
Twitch Live Stream Viewers – [Instant Start]200Show150-250 concurrent viewers50.00
Twitch Channel Views – [0-24 Hours Start] [5,000 – 15,000/Day]500Show5,000 – 15,000 per Day0.75
Twitch Followers – [0-24 Hours Start] [10,000/Day]100Show10,000 per day2.25
Vimeo Plays – [Instant Start] [500,000+/Day]1000Show500,000+ per day0.60
Vimeo Likes – [0-24 Hours Start] [20-100/Day]10Show20-100 per day16.50
Vimeo Followers – [0-24 Hours Start] [20-100/Day]20Show20-100 per day18.00


Overall, QQTube is a reliable YouTube views provider. With their goal-specific YouTube views services, retention guarantee, and responsive customer support, we recommend them as the best service providers you could consider. Click on the button below to visit their website right now to see for yourself.
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Updated: December 2, 2019 — 3:27 am

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