Best GPT Script 2019

1. Titan GPT+PTC

Years of experience resulted in the global Get-Paid-To industry leader.Earn in 25+ different ways with 1000+ unique features. Only with Titan.


Stable & secure

Tested by millions of people on hundreds of websites. Multiple security layers in every possible place.

Higly customizable

No encoded pages. Edit/add the theme, features and application logic. Endless possibilities for changes.

Add Your Features

Let us implement your ideas. Our development team will develop every single feature you need.

Cross platform

Designed to work perfectly on mobiles, desktops & tablets. Easy and intuitive to use.

Ways to earn money

The only Get-Paid-To script, which allows you to earn money in so many different ways.

  • CPA/GPT offers (from networks + manually added)
  • All Offer Walls in the Internet
  • Paid-To-Click, Traffic Exchange
  • Get-Paid-To Watch Videos
  • Contests and Jackpots
  • Various Banner systems, Login Ads
  • Marketplace, Facebook likes, Social Network
  • And Many More…


Safety & security is our top priority. Protect against fraud on every possible level.

  • Anti-Cheat System working all the time
  • Various Payout restrictions
  • Funds Locking and Security Rules
  • IP blocking, Anti-Proxy API integrations
  • Captchas: Titan, Google & SolveMedia
  • Anti Ad-Block & Auto-Surf plugins
  • SMS verification
  • And many more..

CPA/GPT offers and Offer Walls

TITAN is the first script to introduce global support for ALL Offer Walls & Affiliate Networks

CPA/GPT offers

Various offers from advertisers, when advertisers pay a fixed price per action. Anything can be an action: completing the survey, downloading a game, filling-in a form, writing an article etc.

Offer Walls

Landing pages with CPA/GPT offers, provided by outside advertising networks.

Affiliate Networks

Companies with huge databases of CPA/GPT offers, ready to be downloaded, customized & completed by your members.

  • 100% of Affiliate Networks & Offer Walls supported
  • Advanced tracking & statistics
  • All-in-one submissions management
  • Automatic Offers Download API from CPALead, ProLeadsMedia, AdGateMedia, PointClickTrack & HasOffers-based Affiliate Networks
  • Custom CPA/GPT offers categories & filtering

Get-Paid-To Watch Videos

Earn by putting videos on your platform!

Engage your members and earn money at the same time. You don’t need your own content. 

All videos are downloaded from Dailymotion via automatic API. Video Provider pays you, because there are ads being displayed when your members watch videos.

  1. DailyMotion Video API
  2. Different, customizable rates per country
  3. Several Anti-Bot security layers

Paid-To-Click and Traffic Exchange

Generate massive and targeted traffic on your advertisers websites


The most advanced Paid-To-Click system worldwide.

  1. Geolocation by Country, Age & Gender
  2. PTC Credits, Packs by Days/Views
  3. Categories, Colors, Starred & Favourie Ads
  4. Several Anti-Bot security layers

Traffic Exchange

Let your users create and manage advertisement campaigns to be viewed by other members through the surf system. Easily manageable & customizable.

Marketplace(Optional module)

Allow your members to buy & sell various items on your platform

Fully featured marketplace

Allow your members to trade virtual or real items. 

Once another user purchases the product, an IPN with Pending status is created. Advertiser will not be credited until the buyer confirms that he received the product. The list of all IPNs is available in Admin Panel so that the Administrator can intervene when necessary.

  • Administrator can add own, unique products
  • Custom categories & settings
  • Link Promotion with commissions

Contests & Jackpots

Engage members into contests & jackpots and get more profits

Contests(Optional module)

Introduce rivalry between members for profits. A win-win feature for you and your best members.

  • Various types (Direct Referral, Rented Referral, PTC, Transfer, Offer Wall, CrowdFlower, Forum, CPA/GPT Offer)
  • Various rewards (Main/Ad/Traffic Balance money, Points, Referral limi, Rented Referrals)

Jackpots(Optional module)

Professional gambling game. Users buy tickets and the randomly selected user wins the prize.

  • Various prizes (Main/Ad Balance, Login Ads Credits, Upgrade)
  • Fully customizable with ability to create as many as you want

Up to 10 referral levels

Build a huge memberbase with an attractive referral system

Fully customizable

Credit members up to 10 referral levels. There are various settings to this feature. 

What is the most important, you can set up different commission rates:

  • Per different referral level
  • Per different product/action
  • Per different membership

Buying referrals

Create additional source of income, and allow your members to buy direct referrals (from people who did not have original referrer). Customize packages, prices & restrictions.

Social Network(Optional module)

Be more social. Add fully-featured Social Network into your website

The network

This is the best way to fully engage your members into your website. All posted content & activity can be a great value.

  • Own Profile pages
  • Friends
  • Timelines (text & images supported)
  • Comments

It’s worth it

Keeping members active on your website can give you real profits: referrals, banner views, more purchases etc.

Full BTC Support Optional module

Take full advantage of cryptocurrencies in your system

Bitcoins welcome

Make your website cryptocurrency-based only (all products & services are priced in BTC) or just accept Bitcoins transfers & withdrawals.

  • CoinPayments & CoinGate API supported
  • Automatic BTC Deposit and/or Withdrawal
  • User-dedicated addresses automatically created
  • One-click setup

Full control

Be calm about unstable BTC rates and keep your wallet safe.

  • Various withdrawal limits
  • Automatically adjust Market BTC rate with your own spreads

And tens of other useful features…

We don’t have enough space to list them all. Check them all on their dedicated live demo:


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Updated: September 25, 2019 — 11:42 am

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