Best PTC Scripts 2019

What is a PTC Script?

Paid To Click (PTC) script is designed for your business. A PTC Script allows business owners to have advertisers as clients and earn revenue through Click Through Rates (CTRs) and Impressions with membership management, automated receive payments, automatic order processing.It has been built to help you maximize your business and earning potential.

1. nTeN PTC Script

nTeN PTC script is a powerful machine that is able to meet all customer expectations. nTeN script adventure begins with a very easy installation, which takes no more than 5 minutes. After installation, you get on your hands an advanced Control Panel, which guarantees you full control over your site, visitors and the flow of money. Numerous additional functions allow you to monitor and manage every detail of your site in a very easy, easy way. To help understand this fantastic and advanced software, we offer you free video tutorials. Our script has no secrets, all you have to do is handle all the functions and once you done it, there would be no limits.


  • Multiple security features

A fully secure software that will bring benefits for them instead of the nerves and worries associated with scammers trying to steal their money. Options such as IP Loger, Cookie Loger and Country Loger effectively protect from the intruders and multi accounts.

  • Highly accurate Site statistics – All in one

This script is equipped with a powerful tool that collects data and converts it into statistics.As an administrator, you should have the insight into everything related to the registered members, money and purchased upgrades/items. And such detailed statistics you will found in this script.

  • Multi Payment System – Use what you want!

They want you to reach the widest possible audience, which is why They have developed many options in payment methods field.By default, the script is equiped with multiple payment gateways: PayPal, Payza, OKPAY, Pesapal, Coinbase, BitPay, WebMoney, Perfect Money.All the payment options are fully editable which means you can add any new payment method or disable it from the use.

  • Multi Themes Support

nTeN has a built-in full service templates. And that’s not all, if you want, you can allow your users to switch between any templates that you install. I is not great?! All templates can be modified in any way you wish. As the main code were used Smarty template framework what is really fast, easy and safe to use!

The control panel is designed in such a way that the administrator does not have to perform extra steps during the template installation. All you have to do is upload the template files on the server and the script will automatically perform all other work for you. It sounds so easy to do and in fact, it is really easy!

  • Multi Currency Support

nTeN is a variety of very many features that help you carry out your site in a very convenient and easy way. It’s not just the thing that you can change the language or template in any time you want from the dozens positions. The script also includes features that allow you to select the currency you will pay your customers or they will pay you. This is an amazing variety of 166 currencies!

The control panel give you possibility not only to set the currency but also to change the currency for another at any time with one click! nTeN gives you complete freedom of choice and configuration. Don’t be like others, create your site, run your business, fulfill your dream.

  • Contests Feature

Enhance your service with another function that will give users a chance to win prizes and increase user activity.

  • ADGrid Feature

Enhance your service with another function that will give users a chance to win prizes and you more advertising revenue.




Login to the demo script and check the User Area of the nTeN script before purchase.


Login to the demo script and check the Control Panel of the nTeN script before purchase.

2. Aurazo Script

Aurazo Script is a hard coded PTC Script with the lastest version of PHP and PDO. It uses the most latest and clean coding techniques to provide customers with best user experience and security.


  • Revenue Modals

Aurazo Script currently supports 5 revenue modals which includes Paid to Click (PTC) Ads, Banner Ads, Featured Text Ads, Featured Link Ads and Coin Flip Game. More are coming soon 😉

  • Security

Aurazo Script comes with 4 different security systems included in every package which includes Multiple Account Detection, User Banning, IP Banning and Country Banning systems.

  • Referral System

Aurazo Script comes with a powerful referral system where users can rent refferals or even make their own direct referrals. Also, users can see a complete track record of all the referrals.

  • Payment Gateways

Auroza Script supports 8 different payment gateways for your needs. These are Payza, PayPal, 2Checkout, OkPay, Payeer, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and PayUMoney .

  • Site Statistics

A group of six different statistics are shown on every page which includes Total Members, Members Online, Registered Today, Referrals Available, Paid Today and Total Paid.

  • Other Features

Clean & Beautiful Design, Upload Payment Proofs with Images, Support Ticket System, Control your SEO, Unified Wallet System, Maintainance Mode, Notification System for Admin and many more.





Login to the demo script and check the User Area of the Aurazo Script before purchase.


Login to the demo script and check the Control Panel of the Aurazo Script before purchase.

3. EvolutionScript

EvolutionScript is the most easiest and the popular PTC/GPT script on the net from 2010.


  • Reliable and secure

We offer a robust and flexible platform, topped with an intuitive interface that makes our software stable and popular.

  • Higly customizable

You can easily modify the template with basic knowledge of HTML and add new features using our developer module.

  • People love it

EvolutionScript sites has a high demand because members love our system and also it is easy to use.

  • Heroic Features
  1. Power template engine for advanced customization
  2. Easy content management system
  3. Multiple currencies
  4. Membership system
  5. Point system
  6. Purchase and Rent referral system
  7. Live statistics / Country statistics
  • Security & Communication
  1. Anti-cheat system
  2. SSL Support
  3. Multiple captcha systems
  4. Maintance mode
  5. Ticket and Forum system
  6. Mass Mailer
  7. Multiple languages
  • Advertisement System
  1. Paid To Click Ads
  2. Text Ads
  3. Link Ads
  4. Login Ads
  5. Banner Ads
  6. Paid To Sign Up Offers
  7. Geographic filtering
  • Payment Gateways
  1. Payza
  2. PayPal
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Perfect Money
  5. SolidTrust Pay
  6. Payeer
  7. Instant/Manual Deposits and Withdrawals



Try the demo version of the latest release of EvolutionScript. The demo version contains the most up to date changes, as the demo is intergrated into the release application. Modifications are not permitted through the Demo account.

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