Best BTC PTC Sites 2019

What Are BTC PTC Sites?

BTC PTC Sites are Paid to Click Sites Which rewards it’s users only BTC for watching it’s ads.

1. adBTC

How to earn with Adbtc?

On average the platform earns up to 100 satoshi per ad and offers 50+ ads per day. Further, you can earn up to 150 satoshi per click. The platform users have the possibility to autosurf for distinct sites which can have around 15 satoshi per surf.

For instance, if one person can view all sites and uses the autosurf option, you can earn up to 7000 satoshi per day. At present, AdBTC has 79 sites available. The company Claims that you can win up to 200 Satoshi per click on ads and withdraw your earnings once you get 0.0002 BTC or more.

adbtc earnings

To begin with, you need to create an account using a valid email and a cryptocurrency wallet to withdraw your earnings.

Next Click on ‘START EARNING BTC’ button.

Finally, Solve captcha and  Click on ‘Start’ or ‘View’ button. An ad will display in new window However, the timer will be displayed in the source window and the reward will be added to your account after the timer ends.

The platform provides different ways to earn bitcoins

Surf ads:

Here, you have to click ‘start’ or ‘view’ button for each ad view. Basically, it’s not necessary to keep the window active. However, time for an ad varies according to the BTC reward.  Normally, an ad is up to 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Surfing inactive window:

Here,  you have to click on an ad and also have to keep that newly opened window active. In case, if you close the window or switch to other tabs, the timer will stop until you come back on that window. These are high-value ads and advertiser pay high to seek our activeness.


It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn bitcoins, you just have to click once and the website will do the rest for you. As it is the easiest way so its reward is also lesser than above two categories.

Referral System:

At present, almost every website owner use this method to increase their website visitors. Here, the platform offers 10% of the person’s earning that you refer. Moreover, this commission is paid by the website and not deducted from the referred person.

AdBTC withdrawal

The platform has a minimum payout of 15000 satoshi, so 0.00015 BTC is transferred directly into your wallet. Earnings of the different category are as follows.

  • Pay Per Surf – 150 satoshi max.
  • Pay Per DR Click – 7.5%
  • Profit Per Click: 0.000001 BTC
  • Available Clicks per day: 70+
  • Members: between 100 000 and 1 000 000
  • Referral rate: 7.5%
  • 79 sites available

Costs for you will involve:

  • 20 satoshi PPC for a 15 seconds ad
  • 150 Satoshi for a 60 seconds ad
  • 15% commission rate

AdBTC Final verdict

As a whole this site is awesome, AdBTC always gives on-time payments, recent payouts look promising. With the increasing number of available sites on AdBTC, their offered service might reach a peak.

2. CoinBulb


How It Works?

You will be able to view 10 ads every day. When you login you will simply go to the “view ads” menu and there will be a list of the ads that you have available. When you click on an ad you will first have to enter a captcha code to show that you are not a bot, then you will be directed to the ad page.

When you are on the ad page you will have to stay on it for a certain amount of time, usually this is anywhere from 1 minute to 10 seconds. And of course the ads that require a longer stay usually pay more.

And that’s it… Its as simple as that.

Advertising is also pretty simple. There are different advertising packages you can buy that will give you a certain amount of clicks, require the user to stay on your ad for a certain amount of time, etc. This platform is best for running bitcoin related ads because of course the users that are using the site are looking to earn bitcoin.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Right now as I am writing this review there are ads paying anywhere from 0.00168mBTC to 0.00060mBTC. And you might be wondering what the heck a mBTC is. Well 1,000 mBTC = 1BTC. So really you are making 0.00000168BTC here.

At the current market value of bitcoin (as I’m writing this) this makes it any where from $0.03 per click to $0.01, which is insanely low and could quite possibly be the most frustrating way to earn a little bit of money that there is out there.

Now you might think that as the price of bitcoin continues to rise that the value you are getting paid actually increases right? Well don’t count on it. As it goes up they will decrease the amount of mBTC that they pay. You will never be making more than a couple cents with PTC sites like this.

33. BitcoHitz

Bitcohitz will pay you up to 9 Satoshi to click and view ads for 10 seconds only. You simply sign up, and on your dashboard, you’ll find list of ads to view and how much you earn. They also have a collection of bitcoin faucets where you can earn free bitcoins everyday.

Updated: May 12, 2019 — 7:43 am

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